Scientific American’s Science at Home –– Taking it home with Scientific American

Archimedes Notebook ––“Hands-on science exploration”—many resources and activities for science exploration

Biology Activities

SuperPowers –– BioEngineering with super heroes

Extracting DNA –– from bananas

Extracting DNA –– from strawberries

BirdSource –– great science out your window–be a part of the great bird count

The Molecularium –– science in miniature

Biology Teachers Resources –– resources for every section of biology from the National Association of Biology Teachers

Sheep’s Eye Dissection –– We did it–you can too! You need releases from parents and a sense of adventure, but it is well worth the effort.

Dissecting cows eyes

NOAA –– provides many wonderful resources to protect our oceans and atmosphere.

Nanooze –– free to teachers — a print and downloadable magazine about nanotechnology written for students

Become a plant doctor –- Lessons and labs in plant science

NSF Biology Classroom Resources for all levels and audiences

Chemistry Activities

Chromatography T-shirts –– one of our perennial

Iron-fortified Cereals –there really is iron in those flakes!

Break the tension — multiple experiments with surface tension

Play with your food (and learn about density and viscosity)

American Chemical Society’s great site — just a few linked here but many more on the site

Exploration Clean — soap and the chemistry behind it

Agriculture and Environment Education

Educator Resources from Future Farmers of America –– creating the next generation of agriculture

Agriculture in the Classroom ––Lessons and Make and Takes from Louisiana

Farm to School –– resources from Purdue University

Learn about Ag –– STEM resources for Food Science and Agriculture

Alternative Farming Resources from the USDA

Kids in the Woods –– Conservation Resources from the Forest Service

Commonsense’s Best Ecology and Environmental Sites

Resources for Teachers –– from Agronomy 4 Me

Solar School House –– An extensive collection of activities and resources to learn and experiment with solar energy

Discover, Explore and Learn –– about Kids Environment and Health from NIH

Physics Activities

Physics Central–the best site ever for exploration and understanding

Roller Coaster Investigations — building and designing successful amusement parks

Pinhole Cameras — how does light work?

PHET Simulations— see how things work with online explorations

Egg in the Bottle — understanding air pressure

Floating Money — potential and kinetic energy

Stop the Melting! from Zoom, home of many similar design briefs

It is Rocket Science! — building alka-seltzer rockets

The Egg Drop Design Brief — a classic STEM activity that never fails to engage the girls

Check out this amazing Physics game site!– so much to learn here

Make a MagLev Train — this is fun and eye-opening

Batteries from ice cube trays move the electrons! Steve Spangler has so many great experiments for clubs

Optics4Kids — the science of light

Physics for Kids from SPIE — resource bank for optics, physics, and engineering

Exploring chromatography

Do Real Science with Real Scientists

Participate in Citizen Science — volunteer to help in research right in your town or school.

Scistarter — science we can do together

Project Noah–networking organisms and habitats

T-shirt making