Biology Activities

SuperPowers–BioEngineering with super heroes

Extracting DNA from bananas

Extracting DNA from strawberries

BirdSource — great science out your window–be a part of the great bird count

The Molecularium –science in miniature

Biology Teachers Resources — resources for every section of biology from the National Association of Biology Teachers

Sheep’s Eye Dissection  We did it–you can too! You need releases from parents and a sense of adventure, but it is well worth the effort.

Dissecting cows eyes

NOAA provides many wonderful resources to protect our oceans and atmosphere.

Nanooze — free to teachers — a print and downloadable magazine about nanotechnology written for students

Become a plant doctor — Lessons and labs in plant science

NSF Biology Classroom Resources for all levels and audiences

Chemistry Activities

Chromatography T-shirts–one of our perennial

Iron-fortified Cereals –there really is iron in those flakes!

Break the tension — multiple experiments with surface tension

Play with your food (and learn about density and viscosity)

American Chemical Society’s great site — just a few linked here but many more on the site

Exploration Clean — soap and the chemistry behind it

Agriculture and Environment Education

Educator Resources from Future Farmers of America — creating the next generation of agriculture

Agriculture in the Classroom — Lessons and Make and Takes from Louisiana

Farm to School — resources from Purdue University

Learn about Ag — STEM resources for Food Science and Agriculture

Alternative Farming Resources from the USDA

Kids in the Woods — Conservation Resources from the Forest Service

Commonsense’s Best Ecology and Environmental Sites

Resources for Teachers from Agronomy 4 Me

Discover, Explore and Learn about Kids Environment and Health from NIH

Physics Activities

Physics Central–the best site ever for exploration and understanding

Roller Coaster Investigations — building and designing successful amusement parks

Pinhole Cameras — how does light work?

PHET Simulations— see how things work with online explorations

Egg in the Bottle — understanding air pressure

Floating Money — potential and kinetic energy

Stop the Melting! from Zoom, home of many similar design briefs

It is Rocket Science! — building alka-seltzer rockets

The Egg Drop Design Brief — a classic STEM activity that never fails to engage the girls

Check out this amazing Physics game site!– so much to learn here

Make a MagLev Train — this is fun and eye-opening

Batteries from ice cube trays move the electrons! Steve Spangler has so many great experiments for clubs

Optics4Kids — the science of light

Physics for Kids from SPIE — resource bank for optics, physics, and engineering

Exploring chromatography

Do Real Science with Real Scientists

Participate in Citizen Science — volunteer to help in research right in your town or school.

Scistarter — science we can do together

Project Noah–networking organisms and habitats

T-shirt making