History of GEMS

The GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) clubs were started in 1994 by a parent, Laura Reasoner Jones, who was dismayed to hear her 10-year old daughter Julie opt herself out of attending a magnet school because “Math is hard, Mom.” Jones knew that math was not hard for her daughter; Julie had great test scores and good grades. But Julie seemed to be starting that pre-adolescent girl slide into not wanting to appear smart, and Jones, who was also a teacher, knew she had to do something to stop it.
She started the first GEMS club at Julie’s school for her and her friends in fifth and sixth grade, and the clubs have spread all over the world.

Featured in the AAUW video Tech-Savvy Girls, the GEMS clubs have become well-known for their consistent and effective approach to helping young girls become interested and stay involved in STEM.

GEMS is now part of a nationwide effort to improve opportunities for girls and under-served minorities through multiple efforts such as partnerships forged in the Clinton Global Initiatives—CGI America, NCWIT, National Girls Collaborative Project, Changemakers, and others. You and your club join a network of adults committed to helping girls reach their potential.

Welcome to a wonderful adventure!

Julie at 10.