GEMS Handbook and Sample Challenges

We are frequently asked how to start a GEMS club. The resources, including our free Handbook, are here for your use. Check out the subject pages under Challenges and Activities for many more.

The GEMS Club Toolkit — resources and ideas to help your club succeed. 
If you download the Handbook, please complete the Request for Information form.

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Components of a GEMS Lesson

Sample lesson–Buoyancy–Building Boats

Sample lesson–Data with M&Ms

Sample lesson–Solar Power and UV

Sample lesson–Consumer product testing.      This can be done with diapers, whitening toothpaste, or many other products.

Sample lesson–Binary necklaces

Sample lesson--Error detection in Computer Science–from CSUnplugged

Sample lesson– Chromatography

Sample lesson–Instant Insanity using ThinkFun materials

Sample lesson–Instant Insanity using ThinkFun materials

Sample lesson–LED “Throwies”

Sample lesson–Topology with Mobius Strips

Sample lesson–Communication in programming

Sample lesson–Sorting Networks–not quite a Hogwarts Sorting Hat but just as fun–also from CSUnplugged

Sample lesson–The puzzle of the Konigsberg bridges–topology

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