“I enrolled Tasha in GEMS because I want her to see that women are absolutely capable of having jobs that men used to have, and to know that she can compete as well as any man.”

Parent, 1998

Action research done on the first GEMS club shows that participation in clubs like this have a positive impact on girls’ enrollment in advanced             math, science and technology classes in high school.

Math is Hard, Mom.”  
 Published in the VSTE Journal, 2002

Research on girls and STEM

Scientific American–What brings girls into STEM — Differences in how men and women enter STEM fields.

How role models in STEM affect girls’ attitudes  –Does “girling up” a STEM role model make a difference?

Learning Differences and STEM  –Research summary on gender differences and STEM

‘Seeing myself in STEM’ How do girls self-identify as they mature?

Effect of Teacher Bias on Girls –Do teachers’ attitudes matter?

STEM Identity and Opportunity  working on

Developing a STEM Identity: multiple research articles about under-representation in engineering

Growing crystals on charcoal

Microsoft’s Girls In STEM Whitepaper–summary of latest research

Math confidence and choice of careers — girls’ beliefs in their own abilities affect their choices and success

Cascading Influences — Long-term Impacts of Informal Learning Experiences for Girls  — Why clubs like GEMS matter

Video Resources

AAUW and the Fairfax Network partnered to create a video for teachers, parents, PTAs and other organizations using AAUW’s research “Tech-Savvy Girls” report which detailed concerns about girls and attitudes and participation in technology. 

Tech-Savvy Girls Video Guide — a guide for the video, but useful for general group adult discussions also

Short clips to inspire our girls

Girls in STEM–encouraging girls from the White House

Go Girl!–Project Lead the Way–Engineering a Girl’s Future

Imagine Your STEM Future–Girl Scouts encourage and inspire girls

You Can Be Anything–a truly inspiring video from from CWIT at UMBC

Balloon rockets