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Welcome! The links on this site have fun activities and interesting information to help you find out more about the wonderful world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (STEM)

As always, use good judgment when using the Internet and follow the rules of your home or school.

If you find a site or game you like, send it to us at GEMS@Purdue and we’ll check it out and post it

Looking at college or trade schools?

Explore these links:

STEM Career Prep  — great information on preparing for college and/or careers

Ten Tips for Preparing for a STEM Career  — from Science News for Students

Preparing for STEM Careers  — more information for you, including good classes to take in high school

Job outlooks and predictions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Girls Communicating Career Connections — games about careers

Look carefully at the programs to support girls at the schools you choose. For example, Purdue University offers its Women in Engineering Program.

Explore manufacturing and trades  at Women in Manufacturing,  Trade Schools, and Women in the Trades.

Be sure to join organizations such as Society of Women EngineersAssociation for Women in MathematicsAssociation for Women in Science, and Association for Women in Computing, etc. These organizations usually have student memberships and can help you meet professionals and possible mentors.

Meet Miranda, an astronomer (video below)

Role Models–Meet Women in STEM

FInd role models in your own community. Ask the pharmacist about her training. Ask the veterinary assistant how she decided on a career. Ask the bank president if you can job-shadow her for a day. Just ask!

Makers--Watch these wonderful women in their interesting careers

Dot Diva  — connect with young women passionate about technology

FabFems — Connect with women in STEM all over the world

Request a Scientist from 500 Women Scientists– you or your club can request to meet a female scientist online

Skype A Scientist — great for club meetings

Careers and Information

Careers in Math and Science –Every career you could think of, and many you never have heard of.

Math Careers and More — from the Mathematical Association of America

STEM Careers — information for middle school girls

Profiles in Science — great scientists profiled in the New York Times

Careers in the Life Sciences–physiology games, experiments and information

Exploring All Careers  — great information from The U.S. Department of Labor

Engineer Girl–one of the very best sites for girls exploring STEM

Dream up your Future — all about engineering and its different disciplines

SWENext  — student memberships in the Society of Women Engineers

Frontiers for Young Minds: a scientific journal written by scientists with students in mind

I loved making slime because I am obsessed with it already. I liked learning how to change its properties.

Randi, age 10

Building robots

What’s Next? Pathways toward your future

Work hard for the best grades you can. 

Take the hardest classes you can, especially in math and science. Take AP classes online if your school doesn’t offer them.  

Join clubs or organizations that are interesting to you or help you explore different interests. If your school doesn’t have a club, ask to start one.

Apply for awards or scholarships in your desired areas. The NCWIT Aspirations in Computing  award is for girls who want to use Computer Science in the future. Make friends with the guidance counselor and make sure s/he knows your interest in a future in STEM.

Enter competitions if that’s your thing: STEM CompetitionsRobotics, Engineering,  and Computer Science

Or share your passion with others. Ask your friends to help you start a GEMS club for younger girls in your community.