Engineering is such a great field for girls to pursue. It is creative, challenging, and it pays well. Engineers change the world and help people. What could be better?

Most of the activities on this pages are downloadable Design Briefs, an engineering term for a challenge for the girls. They use the design process, which is important for girls to learn and internalize.

Great links and resources to help you explore engineering  –many wonderful activities –you can run a whole club from this page.

Children’s Engineering Council — Design briefs and training

Engineering Magic –The Milk Pitcher Trick–design constraints

Air Cars  from Zoom into Engineering–use everyday parts

Space Lessons with Snoopy — Fun plans and activities for grades K-5 on space science and engineering

Stress and Strain–Break the Mold — understand materials and tensile strength

BuckyBalls — integrating nanotechnology into engineering

Cell Phone Tower — Design Brief to build the tallest and strongest tower

Engineering Magic–the Playing Card and flexible magnets

Don’t Lose Your Marbles –Engineering challenge using math and energy

Earthquake!!! — building safe buildings

Egg Bungee-Jumping — a classic engineering activity

Geodesic Domes — a large unit from the National Building Museum on structures and materials

Design Challenges from The Tech Museum of Innovation

More Geodesic Domes–building your own incorporating math and materials science

Build your own Indoor Planetarium — from the Jet Propulsion Lab

Design Brief–Build your own playground — a very open-ended project

 Rocket-powered boats:  Aqua-Thrusters — Newton’s Laws and chemical reactions = fun

Build your own Solar Cooker — bring on the marshmallows

Parachuting to Safety — build a chute that lands safely

What Floats Your Boat?  — density and buoyancy in boat-building

Building Big— Games and activities from the wonderful old PBS series

AMA Flight School — Understand principles of flight via games

Engineering-Games — a super site!

How much taller can I make this?
Protecting the egg

What exactly is an engineer? — a nice article for girls about the engineering profession

Resources for Design Thinking from Stanford’s dschool

SciGirls from PBS — videos, activities and information for girls who want to create

EGFI –Dream up the future–something for everyone interested in engineering

Design Squad from PBS — a designing community with ideas and interests for all ages

Northrup Grumman Educational Resources for kids, families and educators

 “I like making the roller coasters because you had to experiment to make them work right. ” 

Makayla, age 8

Try Engineering— you know you want to! Resources for teachers and students

Engineer Girl — this is you, right? Everything needed to become an engineer all in one place 

Dr. E’s Challenges — pushing the envelope in LEGO® Robotics 

PBS Kids Engineering Games — especially good for younger girls

Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA — an entire program underscoring the contributions of women in STEM

National Fluid Power Challenge–create a team learn about fluid power

Building a spaghetti tower with mom