Founded at Purdue University, The Ameliators Program continues the trailblazing legacy of Amelia Earhart through connecting high school students to meaningful STEM-based community service projects, guided by college mentors. Ameliators is a collaboration among three Purdue organizations: GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science), Stempower, and EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service). GEMS with a vast recruitment network and research base, Stempower with inspiring and relatable college mentors, and EPICS with expertise in connecting students to service-learning, all combine to provide a rewarding experience for high school students.

       “To ameliorate” means to improve. The Ameliators Program aims to provide a space for self-growth and learning through STEM-based community service. Launching in Fall 2020, this virtual program will create connections and opportunities in uncertain times. We hope you will join us!

Our first online sessions will begin in early October and run during the fall semester until late November. It will continue in the spring semester beginning in January 2021, and will be completed in May 2021. We anticipate that you will participate approximately 1-2 hours per week -in the fall semester and 2-3 hours per week during the spring semester. During this time, you will be following the EPICS curriculum to solve a real-life community problem that you choose. Community service hours for high school programs are part of this program.

If you have questions about The Ameliators Program or would like to chat with the Ameliators Program coordinators before you register, please reach out to

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